Field Notes from: 2010

Ruhiira to Connecticut, just a mouse-click away

Kabagambe Fudier, head of ICT programs at Omwicwamba Primary School in Ruhiira, is truly an embodiment of what the Millennium Villages Project (MVP) is all about: by utilising the tools and skills provided by the project, he has created change both in his personal and professional life.

Evaluating the Millennium Villages: A response to Clemens and Demombynes

The discussion around evaluating large-scale development projects is an important one. Michael Clemens and Gabriel Demombynes offer a critique of the Millennium Village Project (MVP) and its research methods. Their paper misunderstands the MVP's aims and evaluation methods. We respond briefly here, to clarify some of those basic misunderstandings about the project's goals and approaches to evaluation.

The Community Resource Centre: Ruhiira's window on the world

Not long ago, next to the Ruhiira Health Centre was a relatively unassuming looking building surrounded by scattered building blocks and cast in the shadow of a towering radio mast which usually had the ICT facilitator Elly Nankunda tinkering at the top of it.