Field Notes from: 2012

Young Girls in Malawi Get Chance at Secondary Education

Ireene Malengah, a 15-year-old orphan: “It is important for girls to go to school because after finishing school they find good jobs. When I finish school, I want to be a nurse, because I want to assist people in our country.”

Pictures of Progress in Mayange, Rwanda

Delphin Muhizi, Senior Business Development Technician, reflecting upon the agricultural progress in Mayange. The current structure of the Cassava Plant, donated by Millennium Promise, has helped this business become one of the most profitable businesses in Mayange. The processing business is now expanding as a result of the success.

Daily Mail Retracts False Claim About Millennium Villages

The Daily Mail today retracted its false claim about the Millennium Villages Project. On June 29, the tabloid had claimed that every family in the Millennium Villages located in northern Ghana receives 7,500 pounds from the project care of the UK taxpayer. This was a reckless and false assertion, made after we had warned the paper that it was incorrect.