Field Notes from: 2013

USAID Awards $1.1M for Solar Irrigation in Senegal

USAID announced announced today that the Sustainable Engineering Lab has been awarded a two-year, $1.1M innovation grant to establish three smart solar irrigation pilot projects in the Millennium Village of Potou, a rural area in northern Senegal. The grant is supported by USAID, the Swedish Government, Duke Energy, and the German Organization for International Cooperation

Testing for Malaria, Quickly

Last year during the rainy season, Jackton Oloko recalls testing more than 300 mothers and children for malaria in a single day . “I’ve never been so busy,” he said. But being busy he believes is one of the reasons malaria rates have dropped precipitously over the years in the Sauri Millennium Village located in

Washing hands improves schooling in Mwandama Millennium Village

As part of the Global Handwashing Day celebrated across the world last week, Mwandama’s schools joined together to sing, dance and have fun in the name of better health. During the event, more than 600 children in brightly colored uniforms pledged to wash their hands with soap and water – the simplest and most inexpensive

MDGs and the Accelerated Decline of Poverty and Disease in Sub-Saharan Africa

In Sub-Saharan Africa, economic development was basically stalled before the year 2000. Economic growth was low; the poverty rate was high and not falling; and disease burdens were enormous and increasing in the case of malaria and HIV/AIDS. The MDGs played an important role, together with other factors, in helping to reverse these adverse trends.

New York Times Admits Several Errors in Account of Millennium Villages

A recent article in the New York Times purported to criticize the Millennium Villages Project, but was filled with mistakes and misinterpretations. The newspaper acknowledged three errors online and ran a letter to the editor from Prof. Jeffrey Sachs. The columnist Joe Nocera was attempting to write an upbeat review of an error-filled and out

Millennium Villages: The Art of Scaling Up

For eight years, the Millennium Villages have been playing an important role in advancing the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in Africa. That role is unusual and is therefore not well understood. In this article I will illustrate it through one important example: the case of malaria. Back in the year 2000, when the MDGs were

A New Era of Poverty Reduction in Africa: A Perspective from the Millennium Villages

View Interactive Map With Country Details Part of our Voices from Africa series. Many African nations are at an exciting moment in their social and economic development. The world’s Millennium Development Goals—adopted in the United Nations Millennium Declaration in September 2000 and designed to reduce extreme poverty and improve public health and education around the

New Partnership to Promote Hygiene

Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) program, part of the Millennium Villages Project (MVP) at Columbia University, is pleased to announce a new partnership with SusanA. SusanA partners with organizations that actively promote sustainable sanitation systems. This is an exciting opportunity for the Millennium Villages Project as it will help to build connections with a cohort