Field Notes from: 2014

The Opportunity for Scalable Whole-Class Digital Learning

The teachers and students at Potou Elementary School now have ongoing access to digital resources the whole class can enjoy. The CyberSmart Africa team continues to support them to use digital content – from maps to math – as part of classroom learning. The teachers and students use a large interactive screen so that the

Back to Basics: Tackling Low-Levels of Learning in Chichewa

My work takes me to very different countries each time- Ghana, Nigeria, India, Malawi. These countries are very different in terms of the language spoken, food, culture everything. In the many years that I have been travelling, I have noticed a few common things. Visiting classrooms, we often see a teacher standing in front of

Millennium Villages takes on cognitive science to help children read

Children gather at the village learning center just as the sun dives behind the hills of Mwandama, in southern Malawi. It is winter in the southern hemisphere and the temperature is mellow. About 40 children dressed in rags and looking small for their age nimbly sit on the ground, in front of a small delapidated

Workshop to Improve Literacy in Millennium Villages

In late September, MVP education team members from New York, Malawi, Rwanda, Tanzania and Kenya gathered for a workshop hosted by MVP Mwandama in Malawi to share ideas and approaches to teaching children basic literacy. The workshop included local partner organizations also focusing on literacy in the Zomba Rural district, including representatives from Save the

Community-Based Support for Education in Ghana’s Millennium Villages

It takes a village to raise a child… and a child’s school. While education initiatives in the Bonsaaso village cluster in Ghana, are largely led by Millennium Villages Project, several communities are offering their own ways of local support. The most common contribution by the communities is school building construction: classrooms, teachers’ cottages, administrative offices

Going back to the basics: Promoting literacy in Malawi

Global attention is increasingly being drawn to learning levels of students in school, particularly literacy. Students in low income countries often drop out of school early, and leave either illiterate or with very limited reading abilities. For those who do remain in school, they are often found to have very poor reading skills, even in later

Japan to Further Support the Millennium Villages in Kenya, Nigeria, and Rwanda

NEW YORK, July 7, 2014 — A new $5 million grant from the Government of Japan to the Millennium Villages Project will support the project’s work in Kenya, Nigeria, and Rwanda. The funds will support operations in four Millennium Villages sites—Sauri and Dertu (Kenya), Pampaida (Nigeria), and Mayange (Rwanda)—in keeping with Japan’s commitment to conflict

Boosting Community Education Workers in Nigeria

Since 2010, the Millennium Village of Pampaida in northern Nigeria has made many positive developments including notable increases in primary school attendance. Throughout the cluster of villages, schools have also become a integral part of Pampaida’s development infrastructure and an invaluable resource for the community. With the cooperation between the community, local government and the MVP team,

Beyoncé Gives $125,000 to Help At-Risk Newborns in the Millennium Villages

On June 3, Chime for Change co-founder Beyoncé Knowles-Carter made a surprise appearance at this year’s anniversary celebration at the Gucci Fifth Avenue flagship store in New York City, and presented a $125,0000 check to Millennium Promise to help nearly 2,000 at-risk newborns in the Millennium Villages.