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Beautiful Breckenridge

We’re here at Stage 5 of the UPCC in Breckenridge – the penultimate and maybe the most amazing day so far, if that’s even possible.

The past few days have far exceeded any expectations we may have had for this race. We were in Crested Butte on Tuesday (where I got so swept up in the excitement of the day I bought my first road bike!); in Aspen on Wednesday (where Paul Sherwen, the single most prominent cycling TV commentator singled out Jessica Masira – Team Leader of Sauri Millennium Village – as a woman making a huge impact in Africa); in Vail on Thursday (where awarded the blue jersey to an international TV audience for the Best young Rider to Tejay Van Garderen (Team HTC), a fellow Montanan, of course); in Steamboat on Friday where George Hincapie (BMC Racing) inadvertently stopped by our booth for a photo op; and today we’re in Breckenridge where the energy and excitement are palpable!

Today, MP CEO John McArthur presented the yellow leader’s jersey (awarded to the best overall rider) to Levi Leipheimer (Team RadioShack). This shot will be replayed in heavy rotation, and in all 161 countries where the race is being broadcast. These are the moments we never could have planned, and the moments that will truly make a lasting impression on Millennium Promise.

The Tommy Hilfiger-designed tshirts (100% of the proceeds to benefit MP) continue to be the single biggest seller every day. And, our booth has been hopping — we have run out of koozies, totes, and postcards every day. Our stickers are showing up on tshirts and bags all over the festival, and people are commenting that they know us from our commercial – something we also never could have excpected! We are all working long hours, but the rewards are huge.

That people know Millennium Promise, are interested in learning more, and compliment our work before we can say hello is equal parts astounding, humbling, exciting, and encouraging. We owe special thanks to the UPCC team who have been nothing but generous, helpful, and selfless in helping to promote and raise awareness and visibility of Millennium Promise.

To all of you who have kept up with our blog, followed us on Facebook, and shared us with your friends, thank you so much for your support and excitement – they help push our team through all through the long drives and long days, especially when fatigue and altitude set in. You have all been a great source of pride along the way.

Till the finish line…

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