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Ruhiira Goes Bananas for the Fruit

In the cold morning air heavy with mist, green waves rise gently from deep valleys up to Ruhiira's hilltops then flow downwards again, engulfing small villages.

Video: Documenting Successes in Uganda and Kenya

I had the wonderful opportunity this spring to visit two Millennium Village clusters, Ruhiira in Uganda and Sauri in Kenya, with a group of extraordinary donors.

Mali MDG Scale Up

As the Millennium Villages Project moves toward its second 5 years, the vision of the project, of jump-starting the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in the poorest countries, is becoming reality.

Africa: An Open Skies Lab for Sustainable Development?

Critics of sustainable development projects initiated by Westerners in Africa often raise a question: what happens when those Westerners pull out? The answer lies in an important concept: community ownership.

New Road Connects Tiby with Markets & Health Services

In April 2009, the Millennium Villages project completed construction of a new road in Mali. Following alongside the Niger River, the road connects the Tiby, Mali cluster of Millennium Villages with health services and markets in the town of Markala.

Boosting Student Enrollment in Mali and Senegal

A partnership between buildOn and the Millennium Villages project has completed 30 new schools in Mali. Together these 30 schools will provide access to education for up to 4,500 kids in the Mali Millennium Villages cluster.