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Community Health Worker from Pampaida Honored with 2014 REAL Award


Ms. Roseline Nuhu, a Community Health Worker (CHW) in the Millennium Village of Pampaida in Nigeria, has been selected as a REAL Award honoree for 2014. The REAL Award was created by Save the Children and the Frontline Health Workers Coalition to develop greater respect and appreciation for health workers and the lifesaving care they provide. Each year, the award recognizes a small number of inspiring health workers from around the U.S. and the world who save and improve our lives through their care and dedication.

Ms. Nuhu, a 35-year-old mother of two, has served the Pampaida community as a dedicated, example-setting CHW since 2008. Visiting more than 100 households per month, she counsels mothers on pre- and post-natal care, conducts training on nutrition through culinary demonstrations, monitors hygiene and sanitation conditions, and much more.

Recognizing that malnutrition is a persistent challenge in Pampaida, Ms. Nuhu dedicates much of her time to improving nutrition in her community. She has gained expertise in alleviating moderate acute malnutrition with the use of a supplementary powder made of maize, soy beans, and sorghum. Not only does she teach families how to prepare this supplement, but she also makes the powder with ingredients from her own farm to give to families who cannot afford to prepare their own.

Because of her proactive role in the CHW program and her contributions to improving nutrition, the community supports and trusts her as an invaluable leader in Pampaida, qualities that the REAL Award selection committee saw as well. We are grateful to Ms. Nuhu, along with the hundreds of other CHWs across the Millennium Villages who inspire and serve their communities. CHWs are at the heart of how the MVP is improving healthcare Project-wide household visit by household visit, and we are honored that the REAL Awards has recognized a member of this essential frontline team.

Nutrition Supplement Preparation in Pampaida

Ms. Roseline Nuhu teaches the community how to prepare a nutritional supplement in the MV of Pampaida in Nigeria.

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