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Millennium Village Programs Now in More Than 20 Countries


Across Africa, more than 20 countries are now hosting or starting Millennium Village-related projects. In addition to the new scale up efforts announced on August 12 by 8 countries and the Islamic Development Bank, there are 17 independent new mvp-related efforts under way in 13 countries.

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Here are details:

West and Central Africa new MVP Countries:

Banikoara, Benin: UNDP began implementing the MV model in four pilot sites.

Maroua & Mevomessi, Cameroon: UNDP began implementing the MV model in Maroua and Mevomessi in 2010. The population reached is approximately 20,000.

Kokoyah, Liberia: Kokoyah Statutory District, the site of Liberia’s first Millennium Village is implemented by UNDP Liberia in partnership with the Government of Liberia.

Lome, Togo: Two communities were selected as pilot sites in the Savannah region (Kountoire and Naki East) for implementation of the full MVP model.

Brazzaville, Congo: At the invitation of UNDP, the MDG WCA Center has provided support for the finalization of a joint program for the implementation of a MV in the villages of Etoro and Obaba.

Guinea: AngloGold Ashanti (AGA) will work with local governments to formulate an integrated MDG-based regional development plan, with specific attention to the risks, challenges, impacts and opportunities of mining, in gold mines located in Upper Guinea.

East and Southern Africa new MVP Countries:

Konkola, Zambia: The Konkola MVP in the northern copper belt province currently targets about 5,000 people. A rapid baseline was conducted and implementation of quick impact interventions started in 2012.”

Alto Molocue, Mozambique: Launched in 2009, 6 areas are being supported in Malua-Sedi (2,095 households) with the implementation of the MVP model.

Chibuto, Mozambique: The MV Chibuto began implementing the MVP model to benefit its 2,000 households in 2007. The Government of Mozambique has expressed interest in at least one MV in every province of the country.

Chokwe & Monapo, Mozambique: The MV Chokwe in Gaza Province began in 2009 and supports the communities of Lionde Village with over 5,000 inhabitants.

Lumbo, Mozambique: The MV Lumbo started implementing the MVP model in 6 villages (3,800 households; population 8,085) in 2007.

Sambaina, Madagascar: Started in 2008, the MV Sambaina (population 7,800) is implementing the MVP model.

Sustainable Villages Program:

Chad: The Chad SVP, located in Am Timan, Salamat Region, was approved by the IsDB Board in April 2012. Operations began in May 2013.

Sudan: The Sudan SVP, located in West Darfur, was approved by the IsDB Board in April 2012. Operations have not yet commenced.

Mozambique: The Mozambique SVP, located at Molumbo Sede, was approved by the IsDB Board in 2012.

Niger: On June 8th, 2013, the commune of Guelajo was selected by the Government of Niger as the site for the SVP.

Guinea: The Ministry of Decentralization and Territorial Administration has been chosen as the implementing agency for the SVP. To date, the site has not been selected in Guinea.

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