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Pigs Give Women’s Group a Boost in Income and Security

In Mayange, Rwanda, single women make up one of the most vulnerable groups of society. The Millennium Villages Project helped establish the Abadaiga Cooperative of pig famers in order to help better the lives of single women in Mayange.

Initially 12 women signed up to start the cooperative, and the Project put them in touch with financiers who were able to give them a loan. They then purchased the land and set up a suitable area for pig farming. Each litter of pigs will be sold, and the earnings will help the women pay for their daily expenses and their children’s school fees.

The cooperative has provided a new beginning for women who had little in the way of opportunity before this program was initiated. Jacqueline Musharakazi, the president of the Abadaiga Cooperative (pictured here), says that the MVP “is so well known around here because of the support they are giving to women. We have so many ideas for the future and we would like the continued support of the Millennium Villages Project to make it a success. This is a brand new project and we hope to see positive results very soon.”

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