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Video: Documenting Successes in Uganda and Kenya

I had the wonderful opportunity this spring to visit two Millennium Village clusters, Ruhiira in Uganda and Sauri in Kenya, with a group of extraordinary donors. We had wonderful and exciting experiences in both locations.
In Ruhiira, we learned about how deforestation has resulted in severe soil erosion in the area. To combat this environmental degradation, the MVP is helping to establish nurseries, as seen in this video:

To increase crop yields, the MVP team in Ruhiira is teaching grafting to the local farmers to produce hybrid plants. The hybrid plants combine an indigenous root stock that is disease resistant with a higher yielding improved stalk. The technique is practical and sustainable as seen in this video:

During our visit to Sauri, we were able to see first hand the local farmers planting their crops for this season. Sauri team leader, Patrick Mutuo, discusses how seeds are being procured, planted and when they will be harvested in this video:

We were also able to stop in the Nyandiwa Village to see the new bee hive colonies established as a partnership between the Nyawara, Nyandiwa and Gongo Villages. The Millennium Honey is delicious and in high demand. This is a discussion about how the project plans to expand its business and certify the honey to export:

Our last stop in Sauri was a school in the Nyawara Village. As we left, the students gave a tremendous goodbye to a revitalized and inspired group.

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