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Community Health Workers

While the Millennium Village Project did not invent Community Health Workers (CHWs), it has developed strategies for improving the system to ensure quality care, deliver life-saving health interventions, and provide a critical link between health centers and families in rural areas. The One Million Community Health Workers campaign, launched in 2013, aims to spur a massive scale up of CHW programs across sub-Saharan Africa in an effort to meet the Millennium Development Goals for health before the 2015 deadline.

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Connect To Learn

For millions of students around the world receiving a quality education is far from guaranteed. Especially in poorer rural areas, many students face significant barriers to completing primary school, and secondary education is even further out of reach. Founded in 2010, Connect To Learn supports hundreds of students – especially girls – who would not otherwise be able to stay in school. The program also supports the schools these students attend with computers and broadband connectivity that allows them and all their fellow students and teachers to connect with people, information and learning resources from across the globe via the Internet, enabling them with practical 21st to better prepare them for the work force after graduation.

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Modi Labs

A number of innovations utilized in the Millennium Villages Project were developed in partnership with the Modi Research Group. SharedSolar, for instance, is an innovative solution for delivering solar electricity to rural areas. SharedSolar gives homes and business access to electricity through an innovative metering system that utilizes pre-paid credit – the same method that has enabled the rapid expansion of mobile phone use across the globe. Quench, another Modi innovation, is a smart water dispensing system, which increases access to clean water while improving water management.

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CommCare is an smart phone application that's being adopted by all the community health workers in the Millennium Villages. Through eHealth technology, CHWs are supported with the ability to track the provision of services to the community, count all pregnant women and children under 5 to ensure no vulnerable members fall through the cracks, and remind the CHWs of health milestones. The eHealth system used by the Millennium Villages additionally provides data warehousing, generation of reports, and real-time monitoring and feedback to healthcare providers and managers to inform operational decisions. The overall eHealth strategy improves end-to-end data collection, transparency, and utilization, while enhancing important service delivery features such as illustrated job aids, case management algorithms, and enhanced reporting.