CHW Training Package Overview

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Community Health Worker Training Package Overview


The following training package was developed to train and support professionalized community health workers (CHWs) and their community-based supervisors in the Millennium Villages Project (MVP).  CHWs in the Millennium Villages provide maternal and child health services at the household and in the community in rural sub-Saharan Africa.  The content of the training package was developed to be consistent with MVP health protocols at the time of development.

CHW Training Package Components

  • CHW Trainer’s Manual: A Guide to Home-Based Services: lesson plans, activities, and worksheets to train CHWs on delivering a comprehensive package of maternal and child health services
  • CHW Job Aids: reference protocols and decision algorithms to guide CHWs through service delivery activities
  • CHW Counseling Cards: health promotion graphics and key counseling messages that can be used by CHWs in behavior change communication
  • CHW Supervisor Trainer’s Manual: lesson plans, worksheets, and activities that can be used to train CHW supervisors on roles and responsibilities, conducting spot checks and observational visits, and using data for performance evaluation
  • Ebola Training Package: lesson plans, worksheets, counseling cards, job aids, and multimedia sensitization materials that can be used to train community-based contact tracers on delivering surveillance services for Ebola response
  • CHW Mobile Health Package: advocacy tools and deployment guidelines for implementing a CommCare-based mobile health program

For any questions or requests to reproduce materials, please contact Dr. Sonia Ehrlich-Sachs at Adaptation is encouraged for localization of training methods and protocols. The training manuals are available in Microsoft Word format and the counseling cards and job aids are available as Adobe InDesign files upon request.