CHW Counseling Cards

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Community Health Worker Counseling Cards


These CHW counseling cards contain health promotion images to engage community members around key behavior change communication messages. They were designed to be used by CHWs at the household level during counseling sessions.

Download the full set of Counseling Cards for spiral printing (pdf):

Counseling Cards (English)

Counseling Cards (French)

Download the full set of Counseling Cards for individual cards (pdf):

Counseling Cards (English)

Counseling Cards (French)

Download individual Counseling Cards (zip):

For Households with Pregnant Women (English)  |  (French)   –   What to Expect During Pregnancy  |  Having a Healthy Pregnancy  |  Eating Well During Pregnancy  |  Visiting the Health Facility for a Healthy Pregnancy  |  Preparing for Birth  |  Benefits of Family Planning  |  Family Planning Methods

For Households with Newborns (English)  |  (French)   –   Caring for Your Newborn  |  Exclusive Breastfeeding for First 6 Months  |  Breastfeeding Tips  | Common Breastfeeding Problems

For Households with Children Under 5 (English)  |  (French)   –   Protecting Your Child with Vaccinations  |  Caring for Your Young Child Between 0 and 2 Years  |  Feeding Your Child Between 6 Months and 2 Years  |  Feeding Your Child Between 2 and 5 Years

Recognizing and Treating Sickness (English)  |  (French)   –   Recognizing Danger Signs  |  Home-based Care for Diarrhea  |  Understanding           Malnutrition  |  Home-based Care for Children in Feeding Programs

General Healthy Behavior: Preventing Malaria (English)  |  (French)   –   Preventing Malaria with Bednets  |  How to Use and Maintain a Bednet

General Healthy Behavior: Water and Food (English)  |  (French)  –   Protecting Water from Contamination  |  Making Water Safe to Drink  |  Food Safety  |  Nutritious Food and Diet Diversity

General Healthy Behavior: Hygiene (English)  |  (French)   –   Proper Sanitation  |  How to Set Up a Handwashing Station  |  Preventing Illness by Washing Hands with Soap  |  Disposing of Waste Safely

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