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Community Health Worker Job Aids 

These CHW job aids can be used as reference protocols for key responsibilities at trainings, in preparation for household visits, or during household visits to facilitate work flow and adherence to clinical protocols. Counseling cards are referenced throughout the job aids and should be used to strengthen behavior change communication during household visits.

Download the full set of CHW Job Aids (pdf):

Job Aids (English)

Job Aids (French)

Download individual Job Aids (zip):

Overview (English)  |  (French)   –   Code of Conduct  |  CHW Responsibilities  |  Job Aid Content

Preparation (English)  |  (French)   –   Supplies List  |  Communication

Household Visit Overview (English)  |  (French)   –   Household Visit Decision Tree

Danger Signs (English)  |  (French)   –   Danger Signs: Newborn  |  Danger Signs: Under 5 Child  |  Danger Signs: Pregnant Woman

Case Management (English)  |  (French)   –   Cough  |  Diarrhea  |  Fever

Routine Care (English)  |  (French)   –   Antenatal Care for Pregnant Women  |  Newborn: Routine Care  |  Under 2 Years: Routine Care  |  2 to 5 years: Routine Care  |  Measuring Length and Height  |  Measuring Weight  |  Household Nutrition  |  Malaria Prevention with Bednets  | Family Planning  |  Hygiene and Sanitation  |  Water Safety

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