CHW Mobile Health Package

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Community Health Worker Mobile Health Package

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The following materials can be used to train implementers on deploying a mobile health (mHealth) tool that can support CHW workflows. The Millennium Village Project (MVP) CHWs used the smartphone-based software “CommCare,” created by Dimagi, as a decision-aid tool and data collection platform, which was key to strengthening the management of the CHW program. The CHW mHealth Package provides advocacy tools for promoting mHealth programs, including (1) information on the value of an mHealth program and (2) a tool to estimate the cost of an mHealth program that uses CommCare. The package also contains resources to support the deployment of a CommCare mHealth program, including (1) CommCare deployment guidelines, (2) methods of using data collected by the CommCare system, and (3) an overview on using CommCare to support verbal autopsy processes.

Download the full CHW mHealth Package (zip):

MVP CHW mHealth Package

Download Individual Tools from the CHW mHealth Package:

The Value of mHealth (.ppt)

Deploying CommCare as an mHealth Tool (.ppt)

Using CommCare Data in MVP (.ppt)

The CommCare Verbal Autopsy Tool (.ppt)

MVP mHealth Costing Tool (.xlsx)

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