CHW Supervisor Trainer’s Manual

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Community Health Worker Supervisor Trainer’s Manual

The CHW Supervisor Trainer’s Manual is used by the CHW Supervisor Training Facilitator during initial or refresher training for CHW direct supervisors. The Supervisor Trainer’s Manual includes lessons, activities, case studies, and post-lesson assessments. The CHW supervisor operational tools can be used by supervisors during observational visits (accompanying CHWs during service provision) or spot checks (assessing quality of CHW work through interviews with clients). These tools are listed as an appendix to the Supervisor Trainer’s Manual.

Download the full MVP CHW Supervisor Trainer’s Manual (pdf):

MVP CHW Supervisor Trainer’s Manual

Download individual chapters of the CHW Supervisor Trainer’s Manual (zip):

Unit 0: Introduction   –   0.1 Training Overview and Objectives  |  0.2 Key Techniques for Effective Facilitation  |  0.3 Adapting Your Lesson to Local Contexts

Unit 1: Review of the CHW Program   –   1.1 Supervisor Training Pre-Test  |  1.2 Overview of the Health System & CHW Sub-System  |  1.3 Review of CHW Roles & Responsibilities

Unit 2: Overview of the Supervision System   –   2.1 The Importance of Supervision  |  2.2 Overview of the Supervisor’s Role

Unit 3: Supervisor Responsibilities   –   3.1 Performance Monitoring  |  3.2 Linking CHWs and Health Facilities  |  3.3 Tracking Public Health Trends  |         3.4 Assessing Performance through Observational Visits  |  3.5 Household Spot Checks for Quality Improvement

Unit 4: Supervisors as Mentors   –   4.1 Characteristics of a Strong Supervisor  |  4.2 Being the Primary Support for CHW  |  4.3 Supervisors as Community Representatives

Unit 5: Wrap-Up   –   5.1 Field-based Observational Visit Practice  |  5.2 Supervisor Training Post-Test

Appendix: Supervisor Operational Tools   –   Household Visit Supervision Checklist  |  Spot Check Form

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