Ebola Training Package

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Ebola Training Package


The following package was developed to train and support professionalized, community-based contact tracers for Ebola response in Guinea. The contact tracers use a mobile data software called CommCare to monitor people at risk for Ebola at the household level. The following tools were developed to be consistent with international contact tracing protocols and were endorsed by the Government of Guinea during the 2015 Ebola outbreak in West Africa.

Please note that none of the surveillance and sensitization materials assume the use of a mobile data system.

Download the full set of Ebola Training Materials (pdf):

CommCare for Ebola Surveillance and Sensitization (English) | (French)

Download the full set of Ebola Job Aids & Counseling Cards (pdf):

Community Surveillance of Ebola: Job Aids & Counseling Cards (English) | (French)

Download the Ebola Animation (.mp4):

Importance of contact tracing (English) (French)

Download the Ebola Audio Messages (.mp3):

What is contact tracing?  (French) (Malinke) | (Poular) | (Sousou)

I feel sick…now what?  (French) | (Malinke) | (Poular) | (Sousou)

Survivors are immune  (French) | (Malinke) | (Poular) | (Sousou)

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