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Your donation supports Millennium Promise in our mission to advance sustainable development in communities across rural Africa using innovative solutions and scalable systems aimed at achieving the Sustainable Development Goals including the end of extreme poverty.

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IRS Form 990
The IRS Form 990 detailing Millennium Promise’s finances is available here.
Audited Financial Statements
Millennium Promise’s fiscal year is January 1–December 31. Audited financial statements are released in November. The latest statement is available here.
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Expenditures by Service Category

The above pie chart reflects distribution of funds exclusive of reserves against pledges in arrears.

Condensed Financial Information — FY 2013*

Net Assets — Beginning of the Fiscal Year $17,910,376
Private Gifts and Grants $19,298,429
Other Revenue $2,154
Program Services (including Millennium Villages Project) $24,812,494
Fundraising $475,628
Management and General (before Reserves Against Pledges in Arrears) $1,927,650
Reserves Against Pledges in Arrears1 ($861,298)
Excess/(Deficit) of Operating Revenue over Expenses ($8,776,487)
Net Assets — End of the Fiscal Year $9,133,889

* Financial Information derived from 2013 IRS Form 990

1 Millennium Promise requires reserves to be made against pledges in arrears