Stories of hope, progress, and potential realized.


Ruhiira’s Midwives, Delivering Hope

As evening closes on another busy day at the Ruhiira Health Centre, a small crowd gathers around new ultrasound scanners, which have just been delivered. Excited whispers come from children and adults alike.

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Safer Water, Closer to Home

As water pumps crisp and clear from the new well into a colorful plastic bucket, Sanata Coulibaly smiles, remembering the days not long ago when she’d have carried this heavy load for miles back home under the hot Malian sun, hoping the water wouldn’t make her children sick.

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Bokk Jamm: Together in Pride

In a shop at the bustling Potou Market, Thiama Diaw holds court behind the counter while tailors measure customers for new dresses. Bolts of West African prints and Bollywood-inspired silks with sequins are passed, unrolled, measured, and cut. The sewing machine hums outside the door.

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