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Back to Basics: Tackling Low-Levels of Learning in Chichewa

Field Note — Published .

My work takes me to very different countries each time- Ghana, Nigeria, India, Malawi. These countries are very different in terms of the language spoken, food, culture everything. In the many years that I have been travelling, I have noticed a few common things. Visiting classrooms, we often see a teacher standing in front of

Millennium Villages takes on cognitive science to help children read

Field Note — Published .

Children gather at the village learning center just as the sun dives behind the hills of Mwandama, in southern Malawi. It is winter in the southern hemisphere and the temperature is mellow. About 40 children dressed in rags and looking small for their age nimbly sit on the ground, in front of a small delapidated

Going back to the basics: Promoting literacy in Malawi

Field Note — Published .

Global attention is increasingly being drawn to learning levels of students in school, particularly literacy. Students in low income countries often drop out of school early, and leave either illiterate or with very limited reading abilities. For those who do remain in school, they are often found to have very poor reading skills, even in later