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MDGs and the Accelerated Decline of Poverty and Disease in Sub-Saharan Africa

Field Note — Published .

In Sub-Saharan Africa, economic development was basically stalled before the year 2000. Economic growth was low; the poverty rate was high and not falling; and disease burdens were enormous and increasing in the case of malaria and HIV/AIDS. The MDGs played an important role, together with other factors, in helping to reverse these adverse trends.

Progress Toward Sustainability via Agribusiness in Malawi

Field Note — Published .

The Millennium Villages Project has begun to accelerate its efforts to promote sustainability. Mwandama, Malawi is leading is leading the way by creating rural cooperatives designed to help member farmers transition from subsistence to commercialized agriculture.

With 1,000 Days Left to Reach MDGs, A Look Back and Forward

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With the 1,000-day milestone to achieve the Millennium Development Goals in mind, the Earth Institute’s Sustainable Development Seminar gathered professors Jeffrey Sachs, Prabhjot Singh, and Vijay Modi reflect on the progress of the Millennium Villages Project.

Encouraging new MDG commitments at Davos

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Along with a number of partners, my main objective at Davos last week was to help ensure the global challenges of extreme poverty and the Millennium Development Goals received as much practical attention as possible.