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New York Times Admits Several Errors in Account of Millennium Villages

Field Note — Published .

A recent article in the New York Times purported to criticize the Millennium Villages Project, but was filled with mistakes and misinterpretations. The newspaper acknowledged three errors online and ran a letter to the editor from Prof. Jeffrey Sachs. The columnist Joe Nocera was attempting to write an upbeat review of an error-filled and out

Africa’s Leaders Embrace the Millennium Village Project, and Here’s Why

Field Note — Published .

Amadou Niang is Director of the MDG Centre in West and Central Africa which is based in Senegal. Belay Begashaw is Director of the Columbia Global Center in Kenya. As the leaders of the Millennium Villages Project in Africa, we were both amused and frustrated to read the recent article (“Does it take a village”)

Daily Mail Retracts False Claim About Millennium Villages

Field Note — Published .

The Daily Mail today retracted its false claim about the Millennium Villages Project. On June 29, the tabloid had claimed that every family in the Millennium Villages located in northern Ghana receives 7,500 pounds from the project care of the UK taxpayer. This was a reckless and false assertion, made after we had warned the paper that it was incorrect.

Evaluating the Millennium Villages: A response to Clemens and Demombynes

Field Note — Published .

The discussion around evaluating large-scale development projects is an important one. Michael Clemens and Gabriel Demombynes offer a critique of the Millennium Village Project (MVP) and its research methods. Their paper misunderstands the MVP's aims and evaluation methods. We respond briefly here, to clarify some of those basic misunderstandings about the project's goals and approaches to evaluation.