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Washing hands improves schooling in Mwandama Millennium Village

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As part of the Global Handwashing Day celebrated across the world last week, Mwandama’s schools joined together to sing, dance and have fun in the name of better health. During the event, more than 600 children in brightly colored uniforms pledged to wash their hands with soap and water – the simplest and most inexpensive

Progress Toward Sustainability via Agribusiness in Malawi

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The Millennium Villages Project has begun to accelerate its efforts to promote sustainability. Mwandama, Malawi is leading is leading the way by creating rural cooperatives designed to help member farmers transition from subsistence to commercialized agriculture.

UN Secretary General visits Millennium Village in Malawi

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Our vision becomes action through the Millennium Villages Project, which is providing integrated social and business development. In the Villages, practical—and affordable—solutions delivered through an integrated approach are demonstrating what can be acheived with the right.

Hygiene: Talking About It to Clear the Air

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‘Before, we were using the bush. Now we have latrines for boys and girls, and the headmaster told us how to use them.' The 12-year-old boy's candid explanation is a reminder of the lack of hygiene that still prevails in schools in rural and poor areas of sub-Saharan Africa.

DIY Women Bring Mega-brand to Mwandama

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In Mwandama, a remote village in Malawi with no supermarket and limited internet, the community was falling right through the meshes of the consumer grid. But a group of enterprising women has achieved nothing less than a small revolution by effectively turning themselves into sales representatives for the world's second-largest consumer goods company.

Cassava Bread, the Sweet Smell of Success

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Martha dusts a small table with flour then starts kneading the dough, before dividing it into tennis-sized balls. Next to her, Jennifer places the balls on a tray and straight into the oven's open mouth.