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The Opportunity for Scalable Whole-Class Digital Learning

Field Note — Published .

The teachers and students at Potou Elementary School now have ongoing access to digital resources the whole class can enjoy. The CyberSmart Africa team continues to support them to use digital content – from maps to math – as part of classroom learning. The teachers and students use a large interactive screen so that the

From Gas to Solar to Onions

Field Note — Published .

Back in 2008 El Hadji Seck recalls long hard days of harvesting only groundnuts, a crop that grows well in the sandy soils and semi-arid conditions of Potou. The following year an irrigation system of solar panels, water tanks and pipes were built by the Millennium Villages Project for the 4 cooperative farmer’s groups here.

USAID Awards $1.1M for Solar Irrigation in Senegal

Field Note — Published .

USAID announced announced today that the Sustainable Engineering Lab has been awarded a two-year, $1.1M innovation grant to establish three smart solar irrigation pilot projects in the Millennium Village of Potou, a rural area in northern Senegal. The grant is supported by USAID, the Swedish Government, Duke Energy, and the German Organization for International Cooperation

Boosting Student Enrollment in Mali and Senegal

Field Note — Published .

A partnership between buildOn and the Millennium Villages project has completed 30 new schools in Mali. Together these 30 schools will provide access to education for up to 4,500 kids in the Mali Millennium Villages cluster.