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Korean Government Pledges $3 Million in Continued Support for Millennium Villages

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NEW YORK,  May 1 – Millennium Promise and the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) are pleased to announce their continued partnership in support of the Millennium Villages Project-Saemaul with a new pledge from KOICA of US $3 million through 2015. This gift will fund project activities in the Millennium Village of Mbola, Tanzania, as well

Honey Money Sustains Mbola Millennium Village

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Many local farmers in the Mbola Millennium Village harvest honey from traditional beehives, but until recently the equipment and techniques used have greatly limited honey production. The Millennium Villages Project has stepped in to assist farmers to modernize and commercialize honey production in an effort to guarantee both sustainable livelihoods and food security in the largely subsistence, agrarian economy.

Book Distribution Ceremony at Ilolangulu Primary School

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“The new books are so beautiful,” declared Fatuma, an excited round-cheeked Standard 2 student. “I want to touch them, and read them, and learn about the things they contain.”