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Social and Emotional Learning in Ruhiira, Uganda

Field Note — Published .

The practice of cross-generational sex (CGS), has extremely negative impacts on school-age girls in Uganda, increasing their risk of HIV infection and reducing their self-esteem. The service and emotional learning (SEL) initiative in the Ruhiira Millennium Village aims to provide support and education for vulnerable adolescent girls. Above is a photo of girls participating in Eminyeeto, a young women’s empowerment program in Ruhiira.

Improved Eyesight Gives Patients a New Lease on Life in Ruhiira

Field Note — Published .

Thanks to an annual eye care initiative launched in 2011 in Ruhiira by the Millennium Villages Project in partnership with the Tommy Hilfiger Foundation, villagers like Mzee Rwebituzi are able to regain their sight and their lives.

A Tale of Two Villages

Field Note — Published .

Ruhiira and Katine. The former is located in the southeast of Uganda, the latter in the northwest. One is a stable village, the other a post-conflict community.