Gumulira, Malawi (2006-11)


Gumulira is a stand-alone Millennium Village of approximately 7,000 people located an hour’s drive west of the capital Lilongwe near the borders with Mozambique and Zambia.

Farming is the primary occupation of at least 25% of the population. The main rain-fed planting season is in November for April harvest.

Gumulira is making substantial progress through the MVP, despite facing multiple development challenges including inadequate health services, lack of access to seed, fertilizer and pesticides for agriculture, poor crop yields and a shortage of water resources. The two available health centers are located just outside the village. Since the MVP was launched in 2006, village residents have made great strides in overcoming these challenges.

More Highlights

  • A fertilizer subsidy program has made it affordable for farmers to grow heartier and more diverse crops including cowpeas and chickpeas in addition to maize, bringing benefits of higher yields and better nutrition.
  • A health center is under construction within the village.
  • Access to improved water supply has doubled.
  • Basic sanitation coverage went up from 12% to 85%.
  • New school blocks have been added to the primary schools, where hygiene classes have been introduced.
  • An HIV support group has been set up to allow its 23 members to undertake business ventures and other activities.