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Going Back to Mayange

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It’s been 19 months since my first visit to the Millennium Village of Mayange in Rwanda, and wow, things have changed. I first visited Mayange in 2012 when I worked for Millennium Promise. Then two months ago, I found myself in back in Rwanda with a friend. With some spare time between memorials and gorillas,

Business Development Key to Sustained Incomes

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With just under two years to go before the deadline to achieving the Millennium Development Goals, filed staff from Millennium Villages in East Africa gathered in Nairobi last week to ensure that development gains made so far can be sustained by the communities themselves. The week-long workshop for agribusiness, cooperative and business specialists from Ethiopia,

MVP and Unilever: Improving Lives through Hand Washing with Soap

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Originally published on Business Fights Poverty: Unilever’s health soap brand Lifebuoy is working with the Millennium Villages Project (MVP), an innovative model for helping poor rural African communities reach all the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). MVP is a community-led development approach based on an integrated package of interventions in all sectors including agriculture, health, education,

Honey Money Sustains Mbola Millennium Village

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Many local farmers in the Mbola Millennium Village harvest honey from traditional beehives, but until recently the equipment and techniques used have greatly limited honey production. The Millennium Villages Project has stepped in to assist farmers to modernize and commercialize honey production in an effort to guarantee both sustainable livelihoods and food security in the largely subsistence, agrarian economy.

Progress Toward Sustainability via Agribusiness in Malawi

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The Millennium Villages Project has begun to accelerate its efforts to promote sustainability. Mwandama, Malawi is leading is leading the way by creating rural cooperatives designed to help member farmers transition from subsistence to commercialized agriculture.