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Innovative Hybrid Sanitary Pads Keep Girls in School

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50 girls in Mayange A school in Rwanda have been selected to participate in a new initiative called Be-Girl Pads, aimed at reducing the number of girls dropping out of school by addressing the challenge of menstrual management.

Social and Emotional Learning in Ruhiira, Uganda

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The practice of cross-generational sex (CGS), has extremely negative impacts on school-age girls in Uganda, increasing their risk of HIV infection and reducing their self-esteem. The service and emotional learning (SEL) initiative in the Ruhiira Millennium Village aims to provide support and education for vulnerable adolescent girls. Above is a photo of girls participating in Eminyeeto, a young women’s empowerment program in Ruhiira.

African Voices: Education in Northern Ghana

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This post on education is part of a series from the Millennium Village site of SADA in northern Ghana which was launched in late 2012. Through their own voice, the series explores how the lives of community members are changing over the duration of the project. Please check back with us as they continue to tell their stories.

Book Distribution Ceremony at Ilolangulu Primary School

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“The new books are so beautiful,” declared Fatuma, an excited round-cheeked Standard 2 student. “I want to touch them, and read them, and learn about the things they contain.”