Topic — Environment

Honey Money Sustains Mbola Millennium Village

Field Note — Published .

Many local farmers in the Mbola Millennium Village harvest honey from traditional beehives, but until recently the equipment and techniques used have greatly limited honey production. The Millennium Villages Project has stepped in to assist farmers to modernize and commercialize honey production in an effort to guarantee both sustainable livelihoods and food security in the largely subsistence, agrarian economy.

Hygiene: Talking About It to Clear the Air

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‘Before, we were using the bush. Now we have latrines for boys and girls, and the headmaster told us how to use them.' The 12-year-old boy's candid explanation is a reminder of the lack of hygiene that still prevails in schools in rural and poor areas of sub-Saharan Africa.

Sauri Looks Back on Five Years of Success

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Located in Western Kenya, Sauri was the first Millennium Village (MV) to see the light in 2005. Five years on, the project area has grown to nearly 70,000 people and has registered numerous successes in its multi-sectoral approach.

Koraro Homes Get a Face Lift

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The Millennium Village of Koraro is located in the Hawzien district in northern Ethiopia, an area surrounded by jagged escarpments and dusty, arid land.

World Environment Day in the Mbola Village Cluster

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In Tanzania, the World Environment Day (5th June 2009) was marked nationally in Tabora town where the Guest of Honour was Hon Dr Ally Mohamed Shein, the Vice President of the United Republic of Tanzania.

Video: Documenting Successes in Uganda and Kenya

Field Note — Published .

I had the wonderful opportunity this spring to visit two Millennium Village clusters, Ruhiira in Uganda and Sauri in Kenya, with a group of extraordinary donors.