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Partners' Meeting notes from Project FEED

Field Note — Published .

Just as September and the UN General Assembly are getting the fall off to a running start, the Millennium Promise Partners Meeting was a great harbinger of progress in Africa for the months to come.

Bagfuls of Care

Field Note — Published .

The glitzy New York fashion scene and the muddy hills of a poor Ugandan village may seem worlds apart, but a backpack is bringing them closer.

A Tale of Two Villages

Field Note — Published .

Ruhiira and Katine. The former is located in the southeast of Uganda, the latter in the northwest. One is a stable village, the other a post-conflict community.

Ruhiira Goes Bananas for the Fruit

Field Note — Published .

In the cold morning air heavy with mist, green waves rise gently from deep valleys up to Ruhiira's hilltops then flow downwards again, engulfing small villages.

Video: Documenting Successes in Uganda and Kenya

Field Note — Published .

I had the wonderful opportunity this spring to visit two Millennium Village clusters, Ruhiira in Uganda and Sauri in Kenya, with a group of extraordinary donors.