Topic — Gender Equality

Helping Young Women Become Leaders in Uganda

Field Note — Published .

In 2010, to complement a project in Uganda with UNAIDS on the Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV, the HIV program at the Earth Institute started an initiative to empower girls and young women in the Millennium Village of Ruhiira, a small rural community in southern Uganda. They called it Eminyeeto, or “youth” in the

Social and Emotional Learning in Ruhiira, Uganda

Field Note — Published .

The practice of cross-generational sex (CGS), has extremely negative impacts on school-age girls in Uganda, increasing their risk of HIV infection and reducing their self-esteem. The service and emotional learning (SEL) initiative in the Ruhiira Millennium Village aims to provide support and education for vulnerable adolescent girls. Above is a photo of girls participating in Eminyeeto, a young women’s empowerment program in Ruhiira.