Topic — MDGs

MDGs and the Accelerated Decline of Poverty and Disease in Sub-Saharan Africa

Field Note — Published .

In Sub-Saharan Africa, economic development was basically stalled before the year 2000. Economic growth was low; the poverty rate was high and not falling; and disease burdens were enormous and increasing in the case of malaria and HIV/AIDS. The MDGs played an important role, together with other factors, in helping to reverse these adverse trends.

Millennium Villages: The Art of Scaling Up

Field Note — Published .

For eight years, the Millennium Villages have been playing an important role in advancing the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in Africa. That role is unusual and is therefore not well understood. In this article I will illustrate it through one important example: the case of malaria. Back in the year 2000, when the MDGs were

Millennium Village Programs Now in More Than 20 Countries

Field Note — Published .

Across Africa, more than 20 countries are now hosting or starting Millennium Village-related projects. The Islamic Development Bank is supporting activities in 8 countries and more than a dozen other independent efforts are underway in other countries. Click here for interactive map. showing all the countries and what programs they are implementing.