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Millennium Village Programs Now in More Than 20 Countries

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Across Africa, more than 20 countries are now hosting or starting Millennium Village-related projects. The Islamic Development Bank is supporting activities in 8 countries and more than a dozen other independent efforts are underway in other countries. Click here for interactive map. showing all the countries and what programs they are implementing.

A New Era of Poverty Reduction in Africa: A Perspective from the Millennium Villages

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View Interactive Map With Country Details Part of our Voices from Africa series. Many African nations are at an exciting moment in their social and economic development. The world’s Millennium Development Goals—adopted in the United Nations Millennium Declaration in September 2000 and designed to reduce extreme poverty and improve public health and education around the

Nigeria’s Ambitious Effort to End Poverty

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The government of Nigeria is using the billion dollars per annum that it receives in debt relief to take the Millennium Villages project to scale towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals. Above, young adults in the village of Ikaram receive computer training.