Topic — Water & Energy

From Gas to Solar to Onions

Field Note — Published .

Back in 2008 El Hadji Seck recalls long hard days of harvesting only groundnuts, a crop that grows well in the sandy soils and semi-arid conditions of Potou. The following year an irrigation system of solar panels, water tanks and pipes were built by the Millennium Villages Project for the 4 cooperative farmer’s groups here.

New Partnership to Promote Hygiene

Field Note — Published .

Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) program, part of the Millennium Villages Project (MVP) at Columbia University, is pleased to announce a new partnership with SusanA. SusanA partners with organizations that actively promote sustainable sanitation systems. This is an exciting opportunity for the Millennium Villages Project as it will help to build connections with a cohort

Looking at ‘Software’ Solutions When it Comes to Water

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Mbola has seen a remarkable progress in the number of villagers with access to safe water. To date, 17 new boreholes have been drilled, 14 more have been rehabilitated, 22 shallow wells have been dug, and 6 rainwater-harvesting systems have been constructed.

Hygiene: Talking About It to Clear the Air

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‘Before, we were using the bush. Now we have latrines for boys and girls, and the headmaster told us how to use them.' The 12-year-old boy's candid explanation is a reminder of the lack of hygiene that still prevails in schools in rural and poor areas of sub-Saharan Africa.

Sauri Looks Back on Five Years of Success

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Located in Western Kenya, Sauri was the first Millennium Village (MV) to see the light in 2005. Five years on, the project area has grown to nearly 70,000 people and has registered numerous successes in its multi-sectoral approach.